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Fast forward one year. To this day, we can still question if September 12th is our “official” date. I kinda just said it was because it was the closest to what I think our date was. We never asked one another it was just a “Yeah. We’re together.” type of thing. From the beginning things were never easy, even now they still aren’t. But our love for one another has truly kept us together. You are both a blessing and a curse. You know how to calm me down, but on the other hand you can make my blood boil like no other. You make me want to stay at home and play video games instead of always go out. I hate that I love you so much. But you’re the only one I can love like this. Like I said, things have never been easy between us. And they won’t be for a while. But I see my future with you. You are my forever. And even though I don’t show it, I’m glad you’re home. Thank you for all the laughs, cries, for caring and loving me like no other. I love you so much Mario. Happy 1 year anniversary ❤️ #oneyeardown #forevertogo

Working has been my only excuse to dress up/do my makeup. #ImANaturalBum


I feel this on an emotional level

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